What do you know about chairs versus bar stools?

Chairs versus bar stools, sure, they are commonly a staple around kitchen counters and islands, as well as saddled up close to the recreational room bar down in the basement, but what do you really know about this stool that would most likely remain offended if you even dared referred to it as a chair?

chairs versus bar stools

When it comes to chairs verses bar stools, a chair and a stool are not the same and are, in fact, two different types of furniture. Yes, they are made for sitting (or standing on, if you are a precarious toddler or obnoxious cat), but a chair is a seat made for one person, usually comprised of four legs for the overall support and a resting spot for the back and rests for the arms.  A stool, on the other hand, is but a single seat, perhaps a pedestal, and is typically without arms or a back, coupled with a low support upon which to step, kneel or rest your feet while

This blog is for assistance in choosing bar stools that are right for your kitchen.While there is something to be said about gathering around the family dinner table for a time of relaxation and sharing the events of the day with those we hold dear to our hearts, today’s busy family seems to spend appreciable time closer to the real hub of the kitchen: the center island. This statement piece in the kitchen does more than provide a landing pad for papers, cookbooks, utensils, and centerpieces. It is also the ideal place to more or less “belly up to the bar,” but in fun, family terms. Today’s busy families often share their meals and conversations around the kitchen island, but who wants to stand and just lean on it? Your kitchen will enjoy an amazing complement with a round of bar stools to accent the island and provide a great place to sit down, relax and thoroughly enjoy the space.

choosing bar stools

Known as the staple seating choice in the kitchen, bar stools are the perfect partners for the island

There always seems to be something magical and expressive about taking something from bygone days and breathing new life into it, especially when it comes to interior design ideas. Over the past few years, industrial flair design elements have not only caught our eyes but have also captured our hearts, as designers and homeowners alike have embraced charming and rustic design ideas, such as weathered exposed finishes and structural elements, from light fixtures to furniture and more. If you appreciate a raw and unfinished interior that gives a strong nod to a design age that focused on manufacturing and mechanical ingenuity, then industrial flair design just may be the unique layer you need to add to your home’s interior décor. If you are a strong admirer of barn, warehouse or industrial building conversions, then we have a few ideas to inspire your heart’s design passion.

industrial flair

One of the key ideas in understanding precisely what is the hallmark of industrial design is to find buildings in your area with strong historic pasts and stories.  This is

Great DIY Industrial Design Ideas

industrial design

Interior design is forever evolving. One of the newest trends we are seeing is what most people refer to as Industrial design, or in some cases it may even be referred to as steampunk. Industrial design involves the use of old salvaged architectural elements, simple lines, and hard surfaces. You will find rustic weathered wood, old exposed brick and concrete elements. Iron and steel seems to be the structural and design material that dominates the area or furnishings. This leaves an open door on what can be done, and there is really no status quo on what works and what doesn’t. Some may say that it is borderline Modern. I guess what is old is new again. The result is a design that is practical, useful, comfortable, and one that takes us back to the vintage look of days gone by.
Here are some DYI industrial design ideas that you can use to decorate your home or office.

Industrial style furniture

These days you can find new industrial style furniture and décor at most