Decorating with an Industrial flair.

There always seems to be something magical and expressive about taking something from bygone days and breathing new life into it, especially when it comes to interior design ideas. Over the past few years, industrial flair design elements have not only caught our eyes but have also captured our hearts, as designers and homeowners alike have embraced charming and rustic design ideas, such as weathered exposed finishes and structural elements, from light fixtures to furniture and more. If you appreciate a raw and unfinished interior that gives a strong nod to a design age that focused on manufacturing and mechanical ingenuity, then industrial flair design just may be the unique layer you need to add to your home’s interior décor. If you are a strong admirer of barn, warehouse or industrial building conversions, then we have a few ideas to inspire your heart’s design passion.

industrial flair

One of the key ideas in understanding precisely what is the hallmark of industrial design is to find buildings in your area with strong historic pasts and stories.  This is where you will begin to gather new ideas to complement your home, such as exposed brick walls, steel columns or timber roof trusses.  If you live in a place where areas are enjoying a revitalization of sorts, taking old warehouses and manufacturing places and transforming them into office space or condos, take the time to visit them to discover a whole new palette of ideas to delight your industrial flair appetite.

Rustic metals are key players in this genre, as they were quite prominent back in the day for use in plumbing and lighting fixtures, as well as doorknob and cabinet hardware.  In today’s design world, these types of metals stand as engaging accent pieces, both ornamental and structural in nature. Think: brushed nickel, cast iron and copper. These types of metals can bring a decided voice of industrial flair design to your home.

It’s okay, too, to mix and match modern details with a hint of industrial style.  One of the most accepting rooms of this is the kitchen. Consider the use of stainless steel appliances partnered with industrial era hardware.  Lean towards pendant lighting that offers a stage for Edison-style light bulbs.  Opt for fixtures that come alive with rustic metals and historical details that will give your kitchen a whole new appeal.  You can even re-purpose old wooden beams to add an industrial vibe to your ceilings. Other things to consider when leaning towards an industrial flair look:  visible duct work, pipes, and rustic surfaces.  Remember! Industrial design is both bold and strong. It’s a courageous design statement with a simple message.

Industrial design gives you the exciting opportunity to blend the old with the new, the sleek with the modern, the vintage with the contemporary in ways that seem to seamlessly bring together the past and the present.

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