Choosing Bar Stools for the Kitchen Island

This blog is for assistance in choosing bar stools that are right for your kitchen.While there is something to be said about gathering around the family dinner table for a time of relaxation and sharing the events of the day with those we hold dear to our hearts, today’s busy family seems to spend appreciable time closer to the real hub of the kitchen: the center island. This statement piece in the kitchen does more than provide a landing pad for papers, cookbooks, utensils, and centerpieces. It is also the ideal place to more or less “belly up to the bar,” but in fun, family terms. Today’s busy families often share their meals and conversations around the kitchen island, but who wants to stand and just lean on it? Your kitchen will enjoy an amazing complement with a round of bar stools to accent the island and provide a great place to sit down, relax and thoroughly enjoy the space.

choosing bar stools

Known as the staple seating choice in the kitchen, bar stools are the perfect partners for the island (and, obviously, for the bar!).  But how do you find the best option for your space?  This includes effective strategy by taking into account the height of the bar stool to the number of stools you will need to the overall seating style/arrangement you prefer.

Typically, bar stools come in four standard heights:

Table:  16” – 23”
Counter:  35” – 39”
Bar:  41” – 43”
Tall:  33” – 40”

All you have to do to determine what you will need is to measure the height of the tabletop you will be using. You may also want to consider choosing bar stools that which allow you to move the seat up or down to adjust to the space in which they will be used.

Be sure you don’t overcrowd the space, either. The number of bar stools that will easily fit in a seating area can be calculated by the amount of space you want to leave between each stool to allow for people to easily get up and down from the stools.  If the bar stool is 16-18 inches wide, it is best to leave about six inches between the seats.  If the stool is wider than 18 inches – or if it has arms or swivels – consider leaving 8-10 inches between each stool.

Bar stools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well, including backless, low back, full back or complete with arms and a swivel component. And don’t feel you have to stick to the same bar stool style or design around the island.  You can place a couple full back ones along the wider part of the island while complementing the look with a backless one along the shorter edge.  Mix it up a bit choosing bar stools with different materials, such as wooden or industrial bar stools on one side and a metal bar stool on the other side. The overall idea is to really just have fun with it!  Breakfast bars and dining counters are growing in popularity and have really made their presence known as a true kitchen essential. The experts at Industrial Bar Stools are here to assist when choosing bar stools that are just right for you. We will be happy to partner you with the best seats in the house!

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