Chairs Versus Bar Stools

What do you know about chairs versus bar stools?

Chairs versus bar stools, sure, they are commonly a staple around kitchen counters and islands, as well as saddled up close to the recreational room bar down in the basement, but what do you really know about this stool that would most likely remain offended if you even dared referred to it as a chair?

chairs versus bar stools

When it comes to chairs verses bar stools, a chair and a stool are not the same and are, in fact, two different types of furniture. Yes, they are made for sitting (or standing on, if you are a precarious toddler or obnoxious cat), but a chair is a seat made for one person, usually comprised of four legs for the overall support and a resting spot for the back and rests for the arms.  A stool, on the other hand, is but a single seat, perhaps a pedestal, and is typically without arms or a back, coupled with a low support upon which to step, kneel or rest your feet while sitting. So, if you removed the back rest and arm rests from a chair, would you have a stool? In some ways, yes, but bar stools are typically higher. Plus, some stools might just have three legs. (Can you imagine balancing yourself comfortably on a chair with just three legs?  That would not be a chair anymore; it would be a circus act!) Yes, some chairs in modern design do have three legs, but that is another topic for a different blog. Just work with us here.

So, why use a bar stool when a chair might be more comfortable?

Well, if you like to sit, a bar stool will easily accommodate you. Plus It can also be used as a stepping stool, depending upon how tall it is. Safety first! When things are out of reach, it’s far easier to slide that stool over to get what you need as opposed to dragging a big chair with a soft cushion on it.  Believe it or not, some cultures in the past used stools as a throne for monarchs! We see you eye balling those bar stools now! Industrial bar stool can make you sit like royalty! And to quote the late US. Army General George S. Patton, “No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair!”

Comparing chairs versus bar stools, they both can be made of plastic, wood, metal and other materials.  And when you navigate around, you will be treated to a variety of bar stools in different sizes, shapes, designs, colors and materials.  And as bar stools have found their way into American homes in vast measure, especially in the kitchen, it is important to have a wide selection from which to choose. This is why Industrial Bar Stool is here to help.  When you are ready to eat, drink and/or socialize, wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect bar stool upon which to sit and enjoy the view?


And once you have selected the perfect bar stool for your home and lifestyle, be sure to check out our dining and living room furniture selections, along with our amazing lighting products, bedroom pieces and office selections. Sure, there is always the comfort of the couch, but try to sit on that at your kitchen island. Trust the experts at Industrial Bar Stool to help you find the perfect accent and furniture pieces for your home.  For when it comes to chairs versus bar stools, this is where convenience, necessity and even luxury come together. Go ahead, you deserve it.

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