Chairs Versus Bar Stools

What do you know about chairs versus bar stools?

Chairs versus bar stools, sure, they are commonly a staple around kitchen counters and islands, as well as saddled up close to the recreational room bar down in the basement, but what do you really know about this stool that would most likely remain offended if you even dared referred to it as a chair?

chairs versus bar stools

When it comes to chairs verses bar stools, a chair and a stool are not the same and are, in fact, two different types of furniture. Yes, they are made for sitting (or standing on, if you are a precarious toddler or obnoxious cat), but a chair is a seat made for one person, usually comprised of four legs for the overall support and a resting spot for the back and rests for the arms.  A stool, on the other hand, is but a single seat, perhaps a pedestal, and is typically without arms or a back, coupled with a low support upon which to step, kneel or rest your feet while sitting. So, if you removed the back rest and arm rests from a chair, would you have a stool? In some ways, yes, but bar stools are typically higher. Plus, some stools might just have three legs. (Can you imagine balancing yourself comfortably on a chair with just three legs?  That would not be a chair anymore; it would be a circus act!) Yes, some chairs in modern design do have three legs, but that is another topic for a different blog. Just work with us here.

So, why use a bar stool when a chair might be more comfortable?

Well, if you like to sit, a bar stool will easily accommodate you. Plus It can also be used as a stepping stool, depending upon how tall it is. Safety first! When things are out of reach, it’s far easier to slide that stool over to get what you need as opposed to dragging a big chair with a soft cushion on it.  Believe it or not, some cultures in the past used stools as a throne for monarchs! We see you eye balling those bar stools now! Industrial bar stool can make you sit like royalty! And to quote the late US. Army General George S. Patton, “No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair!”

Comparing chairs versus bar stools, they both can be made of plastic, wood, metal and other materials.  And when you navigate around, you will be treated to a variety of bar stools in different sizes, shapes, designs, colors and materials.  And as bar stools have found their way into American homes in vast measure, especially in the kitchen, it is important to have a wide selection from which to choose. This is why Industrial Bar Stool is here to help.  When you are ready to eat, drink and/or socialize, wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect bar stool upon which to sit and enjoy the view?


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Choosing Bar Stools for the Kitchen Island

This blog is for assistance in choosing bar stools that are right for your kitchen.While there is something to be said about gathering around the family dinner table for a time of relaxation and sharing the events of the day with those we hold dear to our hearts, today’s busy family seems to spend appreciable time closer to the real hub of the kitchen: the center island. This statement piece in the kitchen does more than provide a landing pad for papers, cookbooks, utensils, and centerpieces. It is also the ideal place to more or less “belly up to the bar,” but in fun, family terms. Today’s busy families often share their meals and conversations around the kitchen island, but who wants to stand and just lean on it? Your kitchen will enjoy an amazing complement with a round of bar stools to accent the island and provide a great place to sit down, relax and thoroughly enjoy the space.

choosing bar stools

Known as the staple seating choice in the kitchen, bar stools are the perfect partners for the island (and, obviously, for the bar!).  But how do you find the best option for your space?  This includes effective strategy by taking into account the height of the bar stool to the number of stools you will need to the overall seating style/arrangement you prefer.

Typically, bar stools come in four standard heights:

Table:  16” – 23”
Counter:  35” – 39”
Bar:  41” – 43”
Tall:  33” – 40”

All you have to do to determine what you will need is to measure the height of the tabletop you will be using. You may also want to consider choosing bar stools that which allow you to move the seat up or down to adjust to the space in which they will be used.

Be sure you don’t overcrowd the space, either. The number of bar stools that will easily fit in a seating area can be calculated by the amount of space you want to leave between each stool to allow for people to easily get up and down from the stools.  If the bar stool is 16-18 inches wide, it is best to leave about six inches between the seats.  If the stool is wider than 18 inches – or if it has arms or swivels – consider leaving 8-10 inches between each stool.

Bar stools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well, including backless, low back, full back or complete with arms and a swivel component. And don’t feel you have to stick to the same bar stool style or design around the island.  You can place a couple full back ones along the wider part of the island while complementing the look with a backless one along the shorter edge.  Mix it up a bit choosing bar stools with different materials, such as wooden or industrial bar stools on one side and a metal bar stool on the other side. The overall idea is to really just have fun with it!  Breakfast bars and dining counters are growing in popularity and have really made their presence known as a true kitchen essential. The experts at Industrial Bar Stools are here to assist when choosing bar stools that are just right for you. We will be happy to partner you with the best seats in the house!

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Decorating with an Industrial flair.

There always seems to be something magical and expressive about taking something from bygone days and breathing new life into it, especially when it comes to interior design ideas. Over the past few years, industrial flair design elements have not only caught our eyes but have also captured our hearts, as designers and homeowners alike have embraced charming and rustic design ideas, such as weathered exposed finishes and structural elements, from light fixtures to furniture and more. If you appreciate a raw and unfinished interior that gives a strong nod to a design age that focused on manufacturing and mechanical ingenuity, then industrial flair design just may be the unique layer you need to add to your home’s interior décor. If you are a strong admirer of barn, warehouse or industrial building conversions, then we have a few ideas to inspire your heart’s design passion.

industrial flair

One of the key ideas in understanding precisely what is the hallmark of industrial design is to find buildings in your area with strong historic pasts and stories.  This is where you will begin to gather new ideas to complement your home, such as exposed brick walls, steel columns or timber roof trusses.  If you live in a place where areas are enjoying a revitalization of sorts, taking old warehouses and manufacturing places and transforming them into office space or condos, take the time to visit them to discover a whole new palette of ideas to delight your industrial flair appetite.

Rustic metals are key players in this genre, as they were quite prominent back in the day for use in plumbing and lighting fixtures, as well as doorknob and cabinet hardware.  In today’s design world, these types of metals stand as engaging accent pieces, both ornamental and structural in nature. Think: brushed nickel, cast iron and copper. These types of metals can bring a decided voice of industrial flair design to your home.

It’s okay, too, to mix and match modern details with a hint of industrial style.  One of the most accepting rooms of this is the kitchen. Consider the use of stainless steel appliances partnered with industrial era hardware.  Lean towards pendant lighting that offers a stage for Edison-style light bulbs.  Opt for fixtures that come alive with rustic metals and historical details that will give your kitchen a whole new appeal.  You can even re-purpose old wooden beams to add an industrial vibe to your ceilings. Other things to consider when leaning towards an industrial flair look:  visible duct work, pipes, and rustic surfaces.  Remember! Industrial design is both bold and strong. It’s a courageous design statement with a simple message.

Industrial design gives you the exciting opportunity to blend the old with the new, the sleek with the modern, the vintage with the contemporary in ways that seem to seamlessly bring together the past and the present.

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Great DYI Industrial Design Ideas.

Great DIY Industrial Design Ideas

industrial design

Interior design is forever evolving. One of the newest trends we are seeing is what most people refer to as Industrial design, or in some cases it may even be referred to as steampunk. Industrial design involves the use of old salvaged architectural elements, simple lines, and hard surfaces. You will find rustic weathered wood, old exposed brick and concrete elements. Iron and steel seems to be the structural and design material that dominates the area or furnishings. This leaves an open door on what can be done, and there is really no status quo on what works and what doesn’t. Some may say that it is borderline Modern. I guess what is old is new again. The result is a design that is practical, useful, comfortable, and one that takes us back to the vintage look of days gone by.
Here are some DYI industrial design ideas that you can use to decorate your home or office.

Industrial style furniture

These days you can find new industrial style furniture and décor at most stores. They usually are made to look old and rustic, and can be purchased easily. Some people prefer to scout out original pieces from auctions, flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, or even junk yards. It can be a very rewarding hobby to find misc. objects to use for décor, or combine them to make useful items. Weathered wood, rusty iron, mechanical parts, old stone and glass is used a lot for Industrial design. An old metal or wood workbench can be used as a desk highlighted with a vintage desk lamp.
If you lack storage space, you may opt for some metal shelving, or make your own with iron pipe and fittings topped with wood shelves.

industrial design

Industrial style lighting

Industrial style lighting is ever popular right now. We see most lighting manufactures coming out with their own versions. A lot of people are making their own lighting as well from found objects or used salvage materials. There is no end on items that can be used as light fixtures. Old wine bottles, chicken feeders, wash tubs, you name it. I even saw an old rusty mattress frame with all the exposed coils suspended from the ceiling infused with lots of low voltage lighting.

There are suppliers out there that offer the vintage twisted cloth covered wiring and Edison type bulbs that add an authentic antique look. Some of the bulbs are even LED which use very little electricity. Take an old rustic beam and hang some lighted wine bottles from it. I have made several table lamps from found objects and mechanical parts.

industrial design

Industrial style flooring and surfaces

Go to any floor tile shop or big box DYI store, and you will find that they are offering rustic wood flooring and tile. Both wood and laminate flooring can be purchased that looks like it was salvaged from an old barn or factory floor. You can even see some circular saw marks in it from the old sawmill.

Ceramic tile is now available to look like weathered wood. These materials can be used as flooring or even as an accent wall in your room. The ceramic tile gives you a good wearable surface without the care that comes with working with real wood. It is great when you want to cover your concrete basement floor with a wood look. Real wood can warp from humidity.

Concrete floors and counter tops are very popular right now as well. They can be sealed natural or stained with concrete stain for that interesting look. Counter tops can be poured right over your existing cabinets. You must create the temporary wood frame to work the concrete into. There are companies that offer useful kits for this.

industrial design

Rugs for your industrial design décor

Most industrial style rooms won’t be wall to wall carpet. Most people will prefer hardwood or tile floors. A rug can add some color and comfort for your feet as well as be great for absorbing sound if you have too many hard surfaces. Solid neutral colors work well, or you might want to put down a rustic worn oriental rug.  Rugs with geometric shapes and different hues can add a good splash of color to the room. Some new oriental rugs are already pre-aged to give that rustic look. Just make sure that the colors will work well. Some companies who specialize in rugs may allow you to take them home to try prior to purchasing them.

Industrial style room colors

When it comes to the industrial style color palette, most people opt for mostly neutral gray tones, browns, or a simple white color for their walls. Since most industrial style furnishings tend to be colored in darker tones, the lighter shades look better. You don’t want the walls to be too dark. Lighter walls will make the room feel bigger and more open. Walls and ceilings can also be covered with rustic wood, rusty barn tin roofing, or fancy Victorian stamped metal panels.

Industrial Style Fabrics.

When it comes to Industrial style fabrics, most people keep is simple with solid colors of cotton, linen, and leather. Simple rough woven linen drapes, blend well with all the other industrial elements. Chair seats can be covered in a plain black or brown vinyl or leather, with optional decorative nails as an outline. Cloth materials can even be stenciled with images or numbers to give it a unique look. Tablecloths and linens are usually done in a cotton or spun polyester fabric which has a matte sheen. A runner made from real burlap can make for a great center piece. You can find the tablecloths and burlap runners at

industrial style

Other Industrial design elements

For Industrial style decor, there are so many other items that can be used. Vintage fans and typewriters are very popular and easy to come by. Metal gears and sprockets can be used as wall décor or candle holders on a table. Antique metal birdcages can contain lighting or a floral arrangement. Old carts on rolling casters can be used as coffee tables, or working islands in the kitchen. Aged metal signs and large lighted sign letters can add a great focal point to the room.

Used Pallets can be used for may projects and they can be picked up for free. Antique wooden ladders can be hung as wall art, or turned into a working piece of furniture. Old steel gym lockers can be bought cheaply which make great storage cabinets. Older bicycles mounted on a wall or suspended from the ceiling make for a super neat look. Rustic sliding barn doors have been very popular and are great for when you want to save space. Stained glass windows can be used as wall art or suspended in front of a window to bring colors into the room.

More thoughts about Industrial design interiors

When decorating industrial style, larger more open floor plans tend to come to mind. It lends well to older lofts and studios, but to can give a normal room that loft and studio feel. I don’t see this trend coming to an end any time soon. Decorating with an eclectic industrial style, shows people your creative side and what you like. I hope you could find some inspiration from this post. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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